In the 2017 Census, Lowell had a population of approximately 10,000 people, and the city continues to grow along with the rest of the Northwest Arkansas area. Within the last decade, Lowell has grown over 50 percent. Lowell is the headquarters to the trucking company J. B. Hunt. To learn about the history of Lowell, visitors can visit the Lowell Historic Museum. Lowell has over 250 acres of land that are ready for new developments and residents. Each year, the city of Lowell puts on an event in June called Mudtown Days. Mudtown Days holds several activities for participants such as a carnival, mud run, free concert, car show, fishing derby, and more. For more information about Lowell, please visit

Popular Local Restaurants:

Tater’s Fresh Grill, Gettin’ a Nibble Cafe, My Cafe